With support:

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Our sponsors: The Company “Сoda” & Moscow Flute Center 

Galina Kuzennaya (Russia) – organiser

Zoya Vyazovskaya (Russia) – organiser

Sofi de Salis (Switzerland) - organiser

Sergio Pantso (Italy) – technical manager


Competition schedule
  1. November 28th 2017 - publication date of the obligatory piece
  2. February 20th 2018 - last date to apply for participation
  3. March 12th 2018 - publication of the results
  4. April 1th 2018 - concert gala


The contest is held for transverse flute performers. The contest is done by video recordings. Performing the contest program by heart is optional but not necessary.  For anonymity purpose, publication of participant records online on any other public website is not allowed. If the record has been published on a public resource before February 19th 2017 – the participant is obliged to delete it for the time of the contest. Online publication of a contest recording on any public website before the date of the final concert automatically leads to participant's elimination from the contest.

The recording should consist of two files (one for each piece). The size of each files should not exceed the 150 MB limit. The time limit should not be exceeded as well. The video recording should not contain any personal information about the participant (I.e.names, age, school etc.) Preferably, prize and award winners should attend the Final concert of the contest “My favourite flute”. The organizers have the right to refuse an application without further explanation.

WINNERS. The winners of the SOLO CATEGORY AND ENSEMBLE CATEGORY are decided by the maximum score that is counted by summing up the scores of all jury members. A prize position can be shared in case of total similarity of the scores. Every participant gets a Diploma or a Participant Certificate according to the contest results. Special prizes in the "Solo" category:

 "Hope" (the prize for the most promising young performer);

 "For the best performance of the Compulsory piece"

Each participant gets references, comments and feedback from each jury member. Juries’ decision is final and indisputable.


 Jury membership is assigned by contest organizers. A person whose students take part in the contest is not allowed to be a jury member. The list of juries will be published along with the results of the contest. The concept of “mutual anonymity” does not give the participants and jury members an opportunity to influence the decision of taking part in the contest or the process of scoring. The jury members score the participants on individual basis without discussing with the other members. The score is given on a 100-point grading scale. Organizers provide the jury with participants’ video recordings without any personal information about participants


SOLO CATEGORY – up to 14 years old. This age limit means that the participants do not turn 15 by April 03th 2017.

CATEGORY “ENSEMBLE” - up to 16 years old. This age limit (up to 16) means that the participants do not turn 17 by April 03th 2017. Accompanist is not taken into account. The ensemble requirements: 3 people minimum (for example, flute duet with piano, flute trio, one flute+piano+ your choice etc) or more. Flute in the ensemble is compulsory. It is allowed to use piccolo, alto or bass flute in the ensemble. Recorder is not allowed. The members of the ensemble should be permanent for performing two pieces.


SOLO competition has two categories. The deviation is done by level and not by age. It has two different obligatory pieces and different prizes.

Category A:

1) Obligatory piece George Stevenson "Crystalline"

2) a piece of your choice within 5 min.

Obligatory piece for the category B:

1)Obligatory piece Ekaterina Buzovkina "Baltiyskiy rassvet"

2) a piece of your choice within 5 min.

If one exceeds the Time limit: - the participant is asked to change the programme. - In case of exceeding the limit without being able to change the programme upon a request - the participant will be disqualified.

ENSEMBLE CATEGORY: Two contrasting pieces of your choice. Time limit for the whole performance – 10 minutes.

PARTICIPATION: Еvery participant is required to register on “My Favourite Flute” website ( ) - the site of the contest. The application form is to be submitted in electronic format on the site of the contest “My Favourite Flute” - Registration and payments are organized on the competition website. Only one application can be recorded with an email address. The log in and the password for entering your personal account (where you can upload your video records and later - see your score and jury comments) will be sent to the email address given in the application. All video recordings should be uploaded into participant's personal account. The size of one file should not exceed 150 MB.

Registration starts 20 November 2016. Registration deadline: 27.02.2017. 23.00

Opening of private room on the competition website - January19th 2017.

 PAYMENT FOR THE PARTICIPATION: Admission fee, to be paid by 19.01.2017


ENSEMBLE CATEGORY – 40 € – for ensemble participants.

The admission fee paid after 19.01.2016



The participation fee goes directly to the contest site. You can choose any form of payment. In case of cancellation the request for the participation in the contest, the participation fee cannot be refunded. The prizewinners and participants should bear the travel expenses and accommodation themselves.

 RECORDING REQUIRMENTS: The participants have to upload their video recordings into their personal accounts on the site of the contest:

The concept of anonymity means that it is forbidden to put any names on a video recording, as well as in its content.

Do not use any elements of participant’s last name or any other information i.e. age, city, teacher’s name, name of school, flag. The recording can include only the names of participant’s programme pieces. The video must be recorded in 2015-2016

Editing the recording within its parts is not allowed. Time limit, including compulsory piece for ENSEMBLE CATEGORY is 10 minutes.

Photo cameras and mobile telephones for recording of the performance are not recommended.

The size of each video file must not exceed 150MB.

RECORDING RECOMMENDATIONS: Only performers and accompanists must be visible and no other people in shot. Try not to have any unwanted surrounding sounds recorded (i.e. practicing in the next classroom, sounds behind the scene etc) The camera should be placed in three or four meters from the performer on a tripod. If possible, the flutist should be seen full face (not from one side, not from above etc). The recording should be single frame, without zoom and without any changing of camera position. The performer should not be placed too close to the source of bright light or opposite that source (I.e. a window).

Phone number for any inquiries: +7 916 5695657 (from 12.00 to 20.00 Moscow time)





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