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The contest “My Favorite Flute” has been held since 2009 and has always been an open event for children all around the world.

These Regulations establish a procedure of organization and holding of the XIth International Music Competition "My Favorite Flute".

The competition is an open event. The end of the contest takes place during the Great Flute Days in Moscow and is a complex of concert, informational, educational and cultural events.

Aims of the competition:

to support creative and talented children;

• to assist young musicians in the development of creative potential;

• to popularize progressive methods of musical pedagogy and teaching;

• to attract attention of public to youth creativity;

• to consolidate international relationships and to increase cooperation.

 The competition is also open to creative teams, performers from children's music schools, art schools, homes and centers of children's and folk art, to pupils of secondary schools and other educational institutions from different countries.

Galina Kuzennaya (Russia) – organiser

Sofi de Salis (Switzerland) - organiser

Sergio Pantso (Italy) – technical manager

Competition schedule
  1. October, 30/2018 - publication date of the obligatory piece
  2. March, 03/2019 - last date to apply for participation
  3. March, 25/2019 - publication of the results
  4. April, 08-14/2019 – The Great Flute Days in Moscow – Final of the competition “My Favorite Flute” 2019 and gala concert. - concert gala


• The contest is held for performers, who play the flute (ordinary flute in C using the Boehm system).
• There are two available categories in the competition: “Solo” and “Ensemble”.
• The age-limit for “Solo” category is up to 14 years old inclusive.
• The age-limit for “Ensemble” category is up to 16 years old inclusive.
• On video it is permitted to perform the competitive program by notes.
• In order to preserve complete anonymity of participants, any publication of a competitor’s performance online on other publicly accessible websites is forbidden. If any recording with the contest program is published before the start of the competition, a participant will be obliged to take action to remove it from the public online service at the time of the contest.
• Publication of the participant’s competition recording online on any publicly available Internet resource before the date of the Final Concert (April, 14/2019) automatically leads to exclusion from participation in the competition.
• The recording should consist of two files (according to the number of works), everyone is no more than 150 megabytes, time limit for execution should not be violated.
• The video should not contain information about the participant or educational institution.
• Presence of laureates and winners of the competition at the Final Concert of the Competition "My Favorite Flute" is obligatory.
• In the Competition “My Favorite Flute” 2019 the winners of the first three awards of the Competition “My Favorite Flute” 2018 from group B will be able to participate in “Solo” category under the condition, that they choose a program for group A. There are no limitations for participation in “Ensemble” category.
• The winners of Final (group A) of the Competition "My Favorite Flute" 2018, who took 1–3  places, can not take part in the Competition "My Favorite Flute" 2019 in "Solo" category. In "Ensemble" category they can take part.
• The organizers have a right to decline an application without explanation.


"Solo" category – at the home page of the competition website ( ) all suggested variants of the mandatory program are available. Depending on choice there are two groups of participants in “Solo” category.
Group A – For participants, who have chosen as an obligatory piece – Elena Evtushevskaya (Russia) "Christmas Night" or Alex McGery (Great Britain) "The Sacred Lake of Karnak" for flute solo. The execution of all proposed works as a performance program is allowed.
Group B – For participants, who have chosen as an obligatory piece - Guy Claude Ljuperts (France) "Sabra" or Elena Evtushevskaya (Russia) "Christmas Night" (light version). The execution of all proposed works as a performance program is allowed. The execution of a program by notes is allowed.
The competition is held in two stages for groups of "Solo" category:
• Stage 1 – Traditional Internet-voting of judges. The first 6 (six participants) go to Final. The results of a previous round in Final are not taken into account.
• Stage 2 –  Final. Final Program will be published later.

The competition is held in one stage for the category "Ensemble".


1. IN “SOLO” CATEGORY – Group B – according to the results of Final.
2. IN “SOLO” CATEGORY – Group A – according to the results of Final.
3. IN "ENSEMBLE" Category - acccording to the result of the First stage.

4. A participant receives a Diploma or a Certificate according to the contest results.

 Prizes of the competition in “Solo” category:
• Prizes for participants, who have taken 1–6  places
• Special prizes in "Solo" category: Prize "Hope", "For the best performance of the Compulsory piece". In addition to this judges have a right to establish their own nominations.

• Prizes of the competition in “Ensemble” category: for creative groups, who have taken 1–3  places.

 Every participant gets recommendations and comments on the performance from each member of jury, if it is possible.

Decision of judges is irrevocable and indisputable.


• Jury is formed by organizers of the competition.
• Jury consists of independent experts: leading teachers and performers from different countries of the world.
• A teacher of participants (ensembles and soloists) is not permitted to work as a member of jury.
• Members of jury will be announced before application deadline.
• Members of jury judge participants individually, without discussions with each other, on a scale of 100 point.
• The organizers provide the jury only with videos of all participants without information about participants.


“SOLO” CATEGORY – up to 14 years old. This age limit (up to 14) means that participants are not 15 years old until 14.04.2019.
“ENSEMBLE” CATEGORY– up to 16 years old. This age limit (up to 16) means that participants are not 17 years old until 14.04.2019. Accompanist is not taken into account.
Ensemble requirements: 
1. In an ensemble there should be at least 3 members (for example, flute duet with piano, flute trio, one flute + piano + other instrument etc.) or more members.
2. It is compulsory, that at least one member of an ensemble is flutist.
3. Using piccolo, alto or bass flute in an ensemble is permitted. Using recorder is prohibited.
4. It is mandatory, that two pieces are played by the same members of an ensemble. Replacement of ensemble members is not permitted.

1. Mandatory piece (one piece should be chosen from list of mandatory works, the second one can be freely chosen or both pieces can be from the list of mandatory works).
2. Time is limited only for free chosen piece: no more than 5 minutes.
If the time of a program is exceeded, a participant has a right to change his program. If the participant do not put the time of the program according to requirements of time limit, the participant will be disqualified.
Applicants select two contrasting pieces on their own choice. 
Note: Arrangements are permitted.
Time limit for the whole performance is no more than 10 minutes.
If the time of a program is exceeded, an ensemble will be disqualified.

• Еvery participant should register on “My Favourite Flute” website ( – the site of the contest till 23:00 (Moscow time) 03.03.2019.
• Application form is submitted as online application on the site of the competition “My Favourite Flute” – 
1. Registration and payments are organized on the competition website.
2. It is possible to register only one application for one email address.
3. A login and a password for entering your personal account (where you can upload your videos and later see your scores and comments of jury) will be sent on your email, which you have given in the application.
4. All videos should be uploaded into participant's personal account. The size of one file should not be more than 150 MB.
5. Registration starts from 01.12.2018.
6. Registration deadline – 23:00 (Moscow time) 03.03.2019.
7. Personal accounts are available on the site of the contest from 19.01.2019.
• “SOLO” CATEGORY – 40 €.
• “ENSEMBLE” CATEGORY – 50 € – for every ensemble.
How to Pay Entrance Fee:
You can pay participant fee on the website of the competition and choose any form of payment.
In case of cancellation of an application an entrance fee can not be refunded.
The prizewinners and participants pay travel expenses and accommodation themselves.

• The participants have to upload their videos into their personal accounts on the site of the contest:
• A rule of anonymity means that it is forbidden to indicate any names in filenames and in content of videos. It is also forbidden to write any information about participants (for example, name, surname, age, city, teacher, school etc). The recording can contain only titles of pieces.
• The video should be recorded in 2018–2019.
• Any modification of video and any video creation from parts are firmly forbidden.
• Time limit is only for a free chosen piece in “SOLO” CATEGORY: no more than 5 minutes; for a mandatory piece there is no time limit.
• Time limit for “ENSEMBLE” CATEGORY is no more than 10 minutes.
• Photo cameras and mobile telephones for recording of the performance are not recommended.
• The size of every video file should not exceed 150MB.

• There should be only a flutist and an accompanist on video, if it is possible nobody else.
• The recording should not contain any background noises (playing of musicians in nearby rooms, sounds behind the scene etc).
• Shot distance should be three or four meters and camera should be placed on a tripod. If it is possible, the flutist should be seen full face (not from one side, not from above etc). The recording should be shot with one plan, without zoom and without any changing of camera position.
• The performer should not stand too close to a source of bright light or opposite that source (for example, a window).
Recording Recommendations for Ensembles
• On video of an ensemble there should be all members of an ensemble.
• Other recommendations are the same as in “Solo” category.

Telephone number for information: +7 916 5695657 (12:00 – 20:00 Moscow time). E-mail:
For all questions about the competition (help page): http:/ / help/ 




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