Congratulations to all participants on the successful passing of the test !!!

Well done !!!

From group A in the second round - Final - are invited to:

Matvienko Sofia (Ukraine)

Pirogov Ekaterina (Ukraine)

Lazebny Ivan (Russia)

Anastasia Abramova (Russia)

Margarita Galkina (Russia)

Yuri Dunaev (Russia)

The winners of Group B:

1st place - Krivorotova Elena (Moscow)

2nd place - Mikhailovsky Igor (Moscow)

3rd place - Mikhail Andreev (Moscow)

4th place - Kosyakova Alexander (Voronezh)

5th place - Marenkova Svetlana (Voronezh)

6th place - Polina Rediko (Vladivostok)

category "Ensemble"

1st place - Duet Flutes (Togliatti)

2nd place - Flute Quartet (Moscow)

3rd place - "Grace' (Cheboksary)

"Prize of Hope" - Alexandra Nikiforova (Moscow)

From Group B - the prize for the best performance of the compulsory piece awarded Mikhail Andreev (Moscow)

From group A - a prize will be find in the Finals.

See you all at the final concert in Moscow - April 3, 2016!

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