the Program of the festive concert

beginning at 17.00

Venue: ГСИИ - Reserve travel 12/10

A. Corelli. “La Folia”.

Jacob van Eyck. «Angelic Nightingale».

Use Svetlana shevelyova, block-flute (Moscow),

Alexander listratov (Baroque cello),

Alekseeva Elizabeth (lute).

Jean-Baptiste Lully. Sarabande and Gavotte.

Use Мананникова Alexander (Tambov).

Concertmaster Fedorova Elena.

Charles Gounod. Juliet's waltz from the Opera «Romeo and Juliet».

Use Anastasia Tkacheva (Lesnoy Gorodok).

Concertmaster Melent'eva Elena.


A. Corelli. Prelude from Sonata in a minor.


Use Щепотьева Olga (Lesnoy Gorodok).

Concertmaster Melent'eva Elena.


M Mare. “Le Basque”.

Use Pies mark (Moscow).

Concertmaster Nikitina Alla.


A. Баццини. «The dance of the gnomes».

Use Бреева Anna (Moscow).

Concertmaster Fedorova Elena.

K. Debussy. "Little shepherd".

I. Andersen. "Tarantella".

Use Gorno-Altaysk, Lenkin Elizabeth (Moscow).

Concertmaster Of The Gorno-Altaysk, Lenkin Natalia.

F. Gossec. «Tambourine».

Use Maxim Rubtsov, Konstantin Efimov, Игурнов Sergey (RNO soloists).


Brian May. «Who Wants to Live Forever».

Use Rogozhin Anton (panflute) (Saransk).

hard-F. Rameau. Перекликание birds

(arr. for 2 flutes M Иглицкого).

Use the duet “Flauti Tenerissimi” consisting of:

Бреева Anna, Nasonov Sergey (Moscow).

Ya Clarke. Sunday the Morning («Sunday morning»).

Use Peter Музич (Austria).

Concertmaster Fedorova Elena.

HP Delibes. Flower duet from an Opera «Lakme»

(arranged by J.. Бэкстрессер).

Use Peter Музич (Austria), Бреева Anna (Moscow).

Concertmaster Fedorova Elena.

E Дамаре. Polka.

Use Barayev Maria, Piccolo (Moscow).

Concertmaster Ganiev Igor.


F. Doppler. Concerto for 2 flutes, I part.

Use Irina Vasina, Artem Vasiliev (Moscow).

Concertmaster Ganiev Igor.

A. Petrenko. «Rumba».

Use Barayev Maria, Piccolo (Moscow).

Concertmaster Ganiev Igor.

Entrance is free



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