It is now difficult to say with certainty what was the primary cause for the organization of the competition, it all started ... It all started with that website has been created on the flute, which started to replenish materials, which divided the forum. The idea grew out of the competition alive, interesting dialogue on the forum. It is no coincidence that the first panel of judges for the most part consisted of active participants.
What is unique about this contest?
This question often arose in conversations with the teachers. Doubts were expressed about the possibility of organizing and conducting the contest with an impartial and objective judging.
Today - we just remember how it all began

So, our first experience was in 2009. The contest was organized admin and owner of the resource and Galina Cousin Anton Abanovich, which is in our country line of flutes, bearing the name of the first Russian flutist Stepanova.
Then in the first year we supported the administration of children's music school named Beethoven (Moscow), the company "mariachi" informational support was provided by the newspaper "Muzklondayk" and the Methodology Center in Moscow.
March 2, 2009 was published the Regulations on
Open a new type of competition, in which we have tried to tell about the idea of ​​online competition:

1. JURY.
- Jury members work independently of each other: they can be in different cities or countries
- A full jury determines and knows only the main organizer
- Strictly enforced the rule that a member of the jury can not be the one whose students participate in this competition.

We believe that these principles will allow for a fully independent and impartial competition participants.

2. The participants.
- Participants are the impersonal, under the numbers. All personal data of participants, up to the announcement of competition results will be known only to the organizer of the competition, which is NOT a member of the jury.
- The use of the Internet, in our opinion, will expand the geography of the participants

One of the features of our competition is the ability to get every participant comments and suggestions from all members of the jury.

3. Final competition will be living in a instant communication of all people, enchanted flute.
- Ceremony honoring the winners and award winners
- Concert of the winners and participants of the jury

Actually the contest consists of several parts: the reception of applications of the participants, the work of judges in complete anonymity and the impossibility of discussion, and finally, the final concert - the holiday.

This year we are going to hold a contest as early as 3 times, and the new is that we increase the age category - will be two groups. One to 12 years old and the second group - 15 to 17 years.

All other aspects of the contest will be saved - the anonymity of the participants for the judges, jury members, teachers are not members.





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